Custom fabric and designs



Pricing is listed below!


We are family owned and have experience in sewing for over 40 years. We have done all kinds of custom sewing and alterations. We have experience in Men’s Suit apparels, Uniform, Prom gowns, Wedding Dresses, Evening Gowns, as well as Vinyl Soft Play Items, Vinyl Roofs and Shade Canopy’s. We will take pride with everything we have learned over the years and use it to do the best job possible for you.

We provide custom tailoring and alterations.

We custom alter clothing that is too big or too small. A good fit makes all the difference in how your clothing makes you feel. 

The price guide below has been gathered from various sources around the web, as well as my own experiences having things tailored.

Alteration Guide list


We are committed to providing high quality custom embroidery services with personalized service to make every customer happy!

All custom embroidery vary in pricing depending on our customer needs. Each customer’s needs are special to them and have their own design of what they need. 


Digitizing Fees are a one-time fee per logo. Embroidery pricing are done by stitch count of the design being sewn. You can use your design on most items you wish to put it on. It is your design and is saved in your on personal file for you to use over and over. As long as it fits inside my hoops, we will do our best to embroidery it.